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  • My Approach

    I work from the inside out, placing the focus of the process of how you can make sense of your internal emotional landscape whenever conflict and challenges appear to come your way.  My aim is to help you identify and sift through the development of who you become or what you do when feeling distressed or off-balanced – including alleviating the pain it all may cause and becoming more aware of your feelings and patterns of relating to yourself and others.

    Drawing from an integrative approach based on trauma-informed, Brainspotting, and emotionally focused therapies, I also include interventions centering on the ongoing back and forth of thoughts, feelings, and emotions inside you.  I believe that developing practical skills of self-introspection when facing conflict and challenges can be learned to feel safe enough to show vulnerability – especially when forming an open and compassionate connection with yourself and loved ones.

    The ebb and flow of my approach aim to assist you in growing towards more agency, choice, and joy in your life – and that is what therapy represents for me: personal growth and a more profound sense of inner connection, and therefore impacting others around you. 

    Purpose and Empowerment

    I offer safety and open-mindedness to promote self-reflection to take a pause, experience the freedom to express your whole self, and improve the connection within you, your relationships, and others. In such a secure and compassionate space, you can experience authentic, significant breakthroughs, and find the most relevant resolutions to your current worries and concerns.

    I Want You to Know You Are Not Alone…

    Life often brings many challenges and not infrequently it can involve pain, suffering, losses, conflict, betrayal, and affairs, among many others. If you have experienced any of these challenges, you may also be questioning how you can recover from them or even how to begin addressing them.

    You might also be feeling like your world is coming undone at the seams, a high level of anxiety, and may wonder whether anyone out there can help you navigate out of it.

    You are not alone, and I am so glad you are here, seeking the assistance you currently might be needing.  I know that it takes courage, work, and effort even to begin searching for a therapist, including making this first step towards your healing journey.

    Finding a safe and welcoming place where…

    Feeling heard, understood, and secure is one of the most significant aspects of our ongoing therapeutic connection – as you able to process, and freely address, your presenting concerns with openness and positive regard.

    I am here to be of service to you and your relationship, individually and collectively, and help address your concerns and worries. My alliance to you is based on a safe, open, and compassionate environment, bringing you a boosted sense of empowerment and connection as you explore the challenges that brought you to seek therapy.


    Masters of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy – Antioch University Seattle


    Phase 1 Training in Brainspotting Therapy

    Phase 1 Training in Emotionally-Focused Couples’ Therapy (EFCT)


    Washington License MG61260846


    Rachel L. Hughes
    Marriage & Family Therapist, Ph.D., LMFT, CMHS
    Washington License / LF60774478

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