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  • Understand. Heal. Grow. We Can Do This Together

    Hi! I'm Mayra!

    As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – Associate (LMFTA), my passion is creating a safe, welcoming environment to allow room for the process of change to emerge – with opportunities that can empower you in finding the most suitable resolutions to your presenting concerns. 

    Life can always happen at anytime, and everyone has battles and hurdles to overcome at some point. Life transitions, relationship problems, anxiety, and depression, among many others, can take their toll on anyone. It can impact our self-esteem, drive, and outlook in life. Knowing that you have found a safe non-judgmental space to address your concerns can make all the difference in the world. If you or your relationship is struggling with one or more of these issues, contact me and let’s have a conversation about how I can be of service to you. 

    I believe that we humans come in layers. Each of those layers is in constant interaction with one another, never leaving us, and influencing our minds, thoughts, decisions, and behaviors.

    A few years ago, inspired by my belief, I created a painting that, in my perception, represented how each layer is our lived experiences and how their continuous impact can shape the way we see ourselves, others, and our world.

    The process can be challenging and mind-perplexing—but one that can be an extraordinarily reintegrative and rewarding journey of acceptance, openness, and compassion for ourselves and others.

    The Road to Healing Begins Here