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  • You Deserve To Thrive!

    Hello, I’m Mayra!

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – Associate (LMFTA)

    Wanting to live with an open-heart and mind can seem complex, and as we encounter hurdles throughout life sometimes such processes can be difficult to navigate on our own. That’s where I come in! My passion is to empower you to find the best resolution to your presenting concerns, from the comfort of where you feel safest here in Washington. By tapping into a safe, welcoming environment, the connection and support provided create the much-needed space for the process of change to emerge.  The aim is empowering you to come together,  or as a couple begin taking control by addressing unresolved experiences from a centered, objective, and compassionate space from within yourself. 

    As a therapist, the continual development of your insight, progress, and awareness is the core of my non-systemic and and systemic clinical approaches. I have witnessed individuals and couples come to therapy with rigid beliefs systems, unconscious bias, and one-sided views – only to gradually yield to an enhanced sense of self-awareness, reintegration, and more accepting of themselves and others. As a lifetime learner, I am devoted and enthusiastic to be part of the change for you to begin reclaiming your power.  It all leads to begin reintegrating all parts of yourself and feel whole from the inside-out as you navigate the connection with yourself, your partner, and your relationships. 

    Often, our life journey can bring up unexpected, unbending life challenges, including:

    ✔️ Life transitions (ending or starting relationship, new job, death in the family)
    ✔️ Relationship problems (infidelity, infertility, communication issues)
    ✔️ Anxiety and depression
    ✔️ Repressed childhood traumas
    ✔️ Generational trauma

    All of these things can impact your self-esteem, drive, and outlook in life. Having a safe space, free of judgment, where you can address your concerns can make a world of difference. If you’re struggling within a relationship, or as an individual with one or more of these issues, contact me and let’s have a conversation about how together we can help you heal and grow.

    Understanding Our Layers

    All humans come in layers. Each of those layers constantly interacting with one another, influencing your mind, thoughts, decisions and behaviors. 

    Inspired by this belief, I created this painting a few years ago that represented my perception of how each layer of our lived experiences can impact the way we see ourselves, others and the world. 

    The process of learning to understand each layer and its impact can be challenging and mind-perplexing – but one that can be an extraordinarily rewarding journey of acceptance, openness, and compassion for yourself and others.

    The road to healing begins here.
    Let’s take the first step together